bands we like (we like other bands too, but, you know, I'm busy)

soul coughing - mp3 o' the month


spinal tap


other links that we recommend - boston music on the internet. they're going to broadcast our jan 22nd gig live.

my friend frank's art gallery in baltimore

altavista translation - I would be recommended, in the two directions of English to other languages to translate

merriam-webster on-line dictionary - all the fun of a dictionary plus long down-load times, party!

the onion - on-line humor

webmonkey - the best web geek resource out there. for beginners on up.


Other bands named euphonic (unfortunately we're not alone):

euphonic of new zealand (this is a midi archive of, I think, one guy who calls himself euphonic)

euphonic records (die offizielle homepage von euphonic records)